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IRIS Executive Development Centre

services miniWe offer professional Training and Development Services designed to aid in the development of employees through structured curriculum.

Our primary focus is designing, developing and delivering organization specific training programs.

We offer your firm the opportunity to provide your employees at all levels with a wide array of workplace centric educational experiences. Our goal is to help customers mitigate risks and maximise returns, while training a confident, competent, and engaged workforce.

Our portfolio of Training and Development Services will help you to enhance your workforce while meeting your commitment to their future within your organization. Our Training and Organizational Development Teams travel to all regions within the East African community, as well as internationally, to provide our world-class services.

IRIS is proud to announce that it is now recognized by the Society of Human Resources Management “SHRM” as the ‘Preferred Provider’ of Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for all our programs for two years.

Our Flagship Programs

1.) Strategic Human Resources Management Program

Our Strategic Human Resources Management Program provides education in areas which the human resources professional faces daily; from legal matters to staff recruitment and development.

This program is designed for those who have functional responsibility to carry out the duties of an organization’s human resource department; seasoned human resource staff members wishing to keep current; newcomers to the field requiring new knowledge and skills; and specialists wanting to broaden their knowledge.

Major topic areas covered include the role of human resources, employment practices, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits, safety and health, and employee development. Participants acquire knowledge and skills that are essential in addressing the challenges of human resource profession.

Through the use of comprehensive and practical tools in all major areas of HR functions, the participants acquire a wide range of experience, knowledge, skills and attitude needed to fit in competitive business environment.

The program has three levels and you may choose any depending on the qualification criteria on our selection process;

• HR Level I- HR Assistants
• HR Level II- HR O?cers
• HR Level III- HR Managers

2.) Customer Service Management Development Program

Customer satisfaction is directly impacted by the quality of the people that are managing and delivering the service. These people need to be well equipped with the right capabilities, tools and techniques to plan, manage and deliver excellent service quality.

The course is a comprehensive program that will prepare you for the respon- sibility of establishing and managing complex customer service manage- ment systems and personnel.

Throughout the course you will gain a compre- hensive understanding of the core competencies required for developing and implementing e?ective customer service management systems.

To boost your capabilities rapidly, the programme delivery will be practice- orientated and evidence based.

Experienced trainers who continue to have extensive contact with various industries will deliver the modules; thus giving you the opportunity to discuss the various customer service elements at length.

The program has three levels and you may choose any depending on the quali?cation criteria on our selection process;

  • • CSM Level I-CS O?cers
  • • CSM Level II- CS Supervisors
  • • CSM Level III- CS Managers

3) Branch Managers’ Management Development Program

Experience has shown that many companies demand for highly quali?ed employees are higher than suppy especially at the mid level.

In order to achieve results, each organization needs to have Branch Manag- ers that perform at highly professional standards and this can be achieved through a consistent development program. This program is based on core elements required to drive performance and lead with conviction and passion.

How is the program structured?

The program focuses on four competency areas:

  • • Leadership
  • • Sales & Service
  • • Financials
  • • Operations