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IRIS Executive Development Centre

Strategic Human Resource ManagementOur Strategic Human Resource Management programs provides education in areas which the human resource professional faces daily; from legal matters to staff recruitment and development.

This program is designed for those who have functional responsibility to carry out the duties of an organization’s human resource department; seasoned human re- source staff members wishing to keep current; newcomers to the field requiring new knowledge and skills; and specialists wanting to broaden their knowledge.

Major topic areas covered include the role of human resources, employment practices, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits, safety and health, and employee development. Participants acquire knowledge and skills that are essential in addressing the challenges of the human resource profession.

Through the use of comprehensive and practical tools in all major areas of HR functions, the participants acquire a wide range of experience, knowledge, skills and attitude needed to fit in competitive business environment.

The program has three levels and you may choose any depending on the qualification criteria on our selection process;

  • HR Level I- HR Assistants
  • HR Level II- HR Officers
  • HR Level III- HR Managers

Course delivery:

The Program is offered on campus and online in a series of instruction modules. Classes are scheduled either on-campus or on-line with specific start/end dates and times in the class schedule. Delegates are expected to fully participate in assignments and discussions to meet course requirements. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete the entire sequence of modules and assignments. The programs are structured into four phases:

Phase I: Preparation Pre-work

  • Participants begin with a series of assessments in order to gauge their baseline performance and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • They will take a job knowledge pretest, assessing their knowledge in the competency areas

Phase II: Customized e-learning curriculum

  • They will be expected to complete a customized e-learning curriculum on HR Professional essentials prior to transitioning to Phase III.

Phase III: Monthly Scheduled On-Campus Development Centre Experience

  • Course Induction
  • Setting of clear expectations and defining goals and objectives
  • Overview of the Profiles and Benchmark
  • Individual Coaching Feedback back sessions on the profiles
  • The classroom workshops delivered by experts as per the curriculum
  • The focus of the workshop will be on advanced course materials, as well as applying their new knowledge and skills back on the job.
  • Using realistic case studies, group discussion and other techniques, we will make sure this session is both relevant and exciting.
  • They will take a knowledge post exams assessing their knowledge
  • A practical project to be presented to experts as part of course requirements

Phase IV: Applying & Improving Company Performance

  • After the workshop, participants will be provided with a six months e-learning curriculum online access.
  • Be expected to join a LinkedIn closed group for discussions and support among themselves
  • Engage in an online one hour group Skype three-month coaching and feedback with facilitators as per plan